Covid-19 Campus Reopening Plan

We are happy to announce that Fairgreen will be reopening our campus for all of our students to return to school all day, every day, for the 2020-21 School Year. Our 'Return to School' plan has health and safety as our top priority. As we expect to reopen with around 400 students, and our campus is big enough for 1,150, fortunately we have many advantages that will allow us to accommodate ALL students back on campus, all day, every day. Following are some highlights of how our reopening plan: 

Classroom Allocation

For PreK, KG1 and KG2, children will be separated into stable groups of ten.  Detailed information on what this will look like will be sent to PreK, KG1 and KG2 parents soon.    

As you would probably expect, classes may experience some changes in location throughout the building as we distance grade levels and of course, children in class will be separated from each other. The required distance of separation is 1.5m.  

Start and End Times

We will stagger the start and end times of school so that we have fewer students gathering together on entry and on leaving the school.  These timings have now been approved by KHDA.  Please note these timings as they are different to last year.  

The staggered start times are as follows; 
  • PreK and KG1 will start at 7:50am

  • KG2, G1 and G2 at 8:00am

  • G3 - G10  at 8:10am

In this way, ALL entrances can be used to increase the speed of entrance and decrease social mixing.  Parents with students who span these groups and are not able to make return trips may drop their children together, with children going straight to classrooms from 7:50 a.m. onwards.

Staggered departure times are:
  • PreK - 1:30pm

  • KG1 - 1:30pm

  • KG2, G1 and G2 - 3:10pm

  • G3 - G10 - 3:30pm

Arrival at School

Children and parents should wash hands thoroughly before leaving the house and check their temperature is not above 37.5°C.  If it is, they should stay at home.  No one with a temperature above 37.5°C is allowed on campus. 

All students and staff will have their temperature taken before entering the campus. All staff, all visitors and students from Grade 1 upwards will be required to wear masks at all times.  Masks for children in PreK, KG1 and KG2 are currently optional.  

Unfortunately, parents of older students will not be allowed on campus unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Parents of PreK,  KG1 and KG2 students will be allowed on campus, with masks, but will be asked to drop off their children and not enter the building.  Four separate entrances will be used:

1. The new entrance near Sustainable City field

2. Entrance adjacent to equestrian exercise area

3. Entrance to the right hand side of the front of school from main car park

4. Main entrance

More information regarding who will use each entrance will be communicated later and maps will be provided.


Parents of Children in PreK should enter the campus wearing a face covering and sanitise their hands at the entrance.  Children should then be handed over at the entrance opposite the equestrian exercise area. This will be clearly signposted and a video will be shared with you to show this location.


Parents of KG1 children should enter the campus wearing a face covering and sanitise their hands at the entrance.  KG1 children should then be dropped at the classroom rear entrances, again these will be clearly signposted. 


KG2 children can be brought onto campus by parents (following hand sanitization and wearing face covering) and taken to the entrance opposite the auditorium, near to the swimming pools (again, this will be clearly signposted), then KG2 children will go into class from there.  

Grade 1 and above

G1- G10 parents will not be able to access the campus and should drop their children at the appropriate entrance.  Members of staff will be there to support them if necessary.
A video will be made showing the procedures for the start and end of day protocol - this will be shared with families before school starts so that all students are aware of entry and exit points and processes.

Leaving School

At the end of the day, MYP students not using the bus will exit the school directly, maintaining social distancing procedures. If students from Grade 4 and 5 with gate passes, and MYP students (they do not require a gate pass) have siblings, they may collect them directly from the classroom door/corridor and leave through designated exits.  However, the pick up point should be the same as the morning drop off location.

School Bus

Children departing on the bus will gather in the cafeteria following social distancing protocols. Each bus group will be gathered in different areas. 

The school bus provider, Maverick, will test the temperature of all students before they board the bus.  They will also require all students to use hand sanitiser before boarding and exiting the bus.  Although the schedule is staggered, students arriving by school bus will go straight to their homeroom classes as teachers will be onsite and in their homerooms from 7:50am. Students departing school at 1:30pm (PreK and KG1) and travelling by bus will have a separate bus service.

What to Bring to School

Parents of students from Grade 1 and above will drop children at the specified entrance to campus and they will go straight to their classroom.  Children will bring only a clean water bottle, three face masks, their technology device (if appropriate) and their packed lunch if they have not ordered lunch from the cafeteria. This will be a change from before and is designed to reduce the risk of cross contamination.  Before removing the above items from their bags, children must wash/sanitise their hands again. Additional handwashing stations and sanitizer stations will be set up outdoors and indoors.  Once their hands are washed, children will enter the classroom - they are then ready to begin the day.

In School

All floors at the entrances will be marked with 2 metre markings to remind students and parents arriving to remain at a safe distance. 

Students who show any signs of illness must not attend school and in the event of a positive Covid 19 test, school must be contacted immediately to enable contact tracing. Parents will be informed that if any member of the household has symptoms of Covid-19, they need to inform the school and refrain from sending their child to school. 

Students who show signs of illness or have a temperature of 37.5 °C or higher whilst at school will be taken to one of two separate isolation rooms.   Students/staff/visitors having Covid-19 symptoms will be placed in, and collected from the Isolation Room. The Isolation Room is within a separate building in school away from all other students, classrooms and work areas.  The room will be managed by the school nurse, school doctor or another trained member of staff in full PPE. A member of school leadership,or the school nurse or doctor will phone a parent to arrange immediate pick up of the child with Covid-19 symptoms. The parent will then take their child home, and the nurse will call Reception to log their exit.  The child should undergo PCR testing and submit the result to the school before they can return to school. 

The Nurse's office will only be available for students who need treatment for non-Covid related illness or injury.  
Morning break play times will be staggered so that spaces will be thoroughly cleaned between these group play times.  For the first few weeks, play will be indoors due to the high temperatures.

Lunch Procedures

In grades 6-10, students will visit the cafeteria using the appropriate social distancing guidelines.  They will be provided with pre-packed lunches, if ordered.  Students who have not ordered will need to bring their own lunches.  Packed lunches can be delivered to children in PreK - G5 in their homerooms.  

Timeline for Return to School

KG2 - Grade 10
30th August - students from KG2 - Grade 10 start school

PreK and KG1

Between 1st and 3rd September, our 2 classes of PreK and 4 classes of KG1 will arrive at school on different designated days (to be announced) as stable groups, so that both teachers and teaching assistants can be there to greet and settle these children in smaller groups. More information will follow from our Early Childhood team.

New Students

We are delighted to welcome so many new students.  We had an orientation programme  planned in detail but that has had to change as we cannot have large groups together on campus.  However, we are working on an alternative plan this week and will communicate this as soon as possible.

Please understand that the situation created by Covid-19 is one that is constantly changing and requires us to be agile and adaptable.  If there are any further changes to requirements, I will inform you as soon as I can.  As our enrollment numbers have recently risen quite significantly, we have had to make some staffing changes so you will hear about your child's class or homeroom teacher very soon.  We are making those final adjustments right now.

We are very excited to see your children back in school.  If for any reason you are not comfortable or able to send your child back to school, we will provide an online learning experience for them.