Meet the Inclusion Team

Inclusion at Fairgreen International School is led by the Inclusion Support Team (IST) which consists of :

  • Director of School: Edward Pearce
  • Inclusion Governor & ESOL Education Consultant: Peter Daly
  • Leader of Provision for Students of Determination/Head of Inclusion: Alison Scott
  • Inclusion Champion & Learning Support Teacher: Gina Lloyd
  • Head of Counseling: Jackie Greenwood
  • Secondary Principal: Seema Desai
  • Primary Principal: Matt Greenwood
  • Learning Support Teacher: Gina Lloyd
  • Learning Support Assistants: Karolina Lachaar and Gerald Samuels
  • EAL Teacher: Leah Vahanian
  • Parent Representative: Marcie McKim 
  • Teachers with a specific interest in Inclusion:  Christina Francis (Secondary English Teacher), Emily Ray (Specialist French Teacher)

The Inclusion Team sits within the Inclusion Support Team. Read more about our team members below: 


Peter Daly
Inclusion Governor

Peter Daly joined Esol Education as Chief Education Consultant in 2014 and is a Fairgreen International School founding member. His major role is to support the nine schools in the Esol group with a focus on school improvement and school effectiveness. He is also heavily involved in strategy and expansion planning. Over the course of his career, Peter has held founder and leadership positions at elite schools in Dubai, Bahrain, Korea, and in London, many of which have been formally recognized as ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Exceptional’ by highly respected independent review boards. He is a qualified Ofsted inspector and set up the West London Teacher Training Group. 

"As the Governor for Inclusive Education at Fairgreen International School, I am committed to supporting the school in recruiting staff who have the knowledge, understanding and skills required to provide effective support to the school to enable all involved to realise the vision of inclusion in practice. At the same time, we hold the Fairgreen Senior Leadership Team and inclusion support team to account for the development of an appropriate inclusive education culture and the implementation of an inclusion improvement plan. As a member of the Board of Governors, I work with my team to allocate financial investment to ensure that targeted plans are sufficiently resourced  and monitor the overall educational performance of the school through clear inclusive education outcomes and impact measures."


Ashley McCarthy
Head of Inclusion

Ashley McCarthy began her career as an educator and student advocate more than 10 years ago. She has worked with numerous external agencies to bring bespoke and quality inclusion provision into mainstream schools. She has worked with PYP, MYP, HPL, UK and American curriculum schools, so she is familiar with a spectrum of learning pedagogies. Originally from Ireland, Ashley has called Dubai home for the past 11 years. Having joined Fairgreen in June 2021 as our Head of Inclusion, Ashley’s focus is to intentionally plan for the success of all Fairgreen students. 

“I believe that every young person has the right to an education that allows them to grow and flourish as an individual. Each child has the right to learn alongside their peers in an environment that is tailored and modified to meet their needs and prepare them to be independent, lifelong learners.

Gina Lloyd 
Learning Support Teacher & Inclusion Champion

Gina Lloyd has been a Learning Support teacher at Fairgreen International School since September 2019 when she relocated to Dubai together with her husband and two daughters, who both attend Fairgreen. Prior to teaching in Dubai, she taught in her home country, South Africa, at the American International School of Johannesburg. She has been in education for over 10 years, teaching various primary grade levels, first as a classroom teacher and then as a learning support teacher. 

“I am passionate about inclusion and believe that all students have the right to an education that is relevant to their needs, goals and interests. I feel privileged to be a part of this community and look forward to meeting you and your child.”


Leah Vahanian
EAL/ELL Teacher 

Leah Vahanian is a founding member of Fairgreen International School and is excited to be working with our ELL student population. Home is Vancouver, Canada and she has been working in education, in Canada and internationally, for over 10 years. She began her ELL teaching career in Taiwan in 2005  and is currently studying through the University of Toronto to become a Specialist ELL Teacher. 

“I am eager to contribute my knowledge and skills to the Inclusion Department so that I may continue to foster and inspire all students to reach their full potential both inside the classroom and out. I look forward to working with your child and helping to support them in reaching their goals."

Gerald Samuels
Learning Support Assistant

Gerald Samuels is a founding member of Fairgreen International School. He spent two years working as a Teaching Assistant in Grade 2 from 2018-2020 and in September 2020 moved to a similar role in Grade 4. In these roles, he worked extensively with students of determination and additional educational needs, both in groups and individually.  Gerald has recently completed  Level 2, 3 and 4 of the SEND diploma.

“I have always been fascinated by the difference that these interventions make to students’ academic, social and emotional wellbeing, so much so that when I was asked whether I would like to join the Inclusion Department at the start of this term, my reply was a resounding yes. I will be working with our students in Secondary now and look forward to all the challenges and rewards that come with this new role."


Karolina Lachaar
Learning Support Assistant

Karolina Lachaar has been working in education in the Middle East for over nine years. She began her journey as a Grade 2 homeroom teacher at a French school in Saudi Arabia. She has had additional postings throughout the middle east as a school librarian, a French speaking assistant in KG1 and a teaching assistant for Grade 1. She joined the Inclusion Team in January 2019 where her energy and passion shine and her students have benefitted from her attention and care. 

“I’m Polish but as France is my second home, I can also speak French. My energetic and creative personality makes me a well-received addition to the team. I love creating fun interactive lessons to engage our little learners in Early Years and Primary. I believe that every student is a different kind of flower and they each help make this world a beautiful garden.”