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Fairgreen International School is established and operated by Esol Education, the world’s largest operator of international American schools. Like its sister schools within the Esol Education family of top-tier international schools in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Cairo, Nicosia and Lebanon, Fairgreen benefits from the richness of the Esol network, including international accreditation from leading bodies, university recognition, a global alumni network, and professional qualified teachers.

With a track record of over 40 years in delivering high quality international education in the Middle East region and beyond, Esol Education’s schools currently serve over 10,000 students worldwide. Esol is committed to providing students with an inspiring and well-rounded education, building solid academic foundations for future success while igniting imaginations, fostering critical thinking, and shaping engaged lifelong learners.

Esol Education is privileged to work with The Sustainable City to establish Fairgreen, an innovative and future-minded international school in Dubai that aims to be one of the world’s foremost models of an integrated sustainable school, with highly skilled teachers, modern technology and 21st century education.

Fairgreen is governed to comply with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority’s Unified School Inspection Framework. The school’s governing board works in continuous partnership with school leadership, teachers, students and parents to maintain the highest academic and professional standards in line with our MSA, CIS, and with Esol’s mission and vision.

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