Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

At Fairgreen International School in Dubai, our mission is to provide an exceptional international education that embraces sustainability in all its forms.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an exemplary learning community that promotes purposeful and innovative solutions for a sustainable world.

Our Pillars

As a member of the Fairgreen International School educational family, you will have the opportunity to experience and bring alive the central pillars that drive our journey to educational excellence.

"Our mission is to provide an exceptional international education that embraces sustainability in all its forms."

1. Academic Growth & Achievement

With individualized learning and inquiry-based teaching methods, Fairgreen students set and achieve their educational goals, guided by dedicated and caring teachers and staff.

2. Sustainability

Students, teachers, parents and the entire Fairgreen community are committed to living a sustainable lifestyle by treading mindfully on our planet, supporting sustainable businesses, and being ambassadors of sustainable living.

3. Character

Fairgreen students learn how to access the psychological, social, cultural and physical resources required to sustain their wellbeing, developing their resilience and ethics, building essential life skills, and responding positively to adversity.

4. Wellbeing

The Fairgreen community takes a happy and healthy approach to physical, social, mental and emotional well-being by creating an environment where students can feel safe and connected, learn good nutrition, and adopt fitness as a lifelong habit.

5. Innovation

From the early years, curiosity and imaginative thinking are cultivated as the building blocks to innovation, and Fairgreen’s project-based approach encourages students to actively pursue creative solutions throughout their learning journey.

6. International Mindedness

With local and global contexts integrated into learning opportunities, Fairgreen students appreciate their position in a global classroom, learning the values of tolerance, open-mindedness, acceptance and respectful dialogue.

7. Social Responsibility

Fairgreen students are driven by their pledge to make the world a better, more peaceful place. Fairgreen offers a broad range of opportunities to make a meaningful impact, both locally and globally.