Learning Facilities

ClassroomFairgreen International School in Dubai has been designed in line with the sustainable values of our community, with energy efficient materials and clean energy generation.

Indoor & Outdoor Classrooms

Classrooms, particularly in the Early Years, are laid out in a circular fashion around a beautiful outdoor space and play area, allowing for hands-on learning about our world and the environment, creating the type of social, collaborative learning space that is proven to increase student engagement. Outdoor areas, designed to utilise sustainable cooling methods, allow all students to enjoy as many days outside as possible. Outdoor learning for group projects, class projects and social learning facilities are supported by optimisation of organic plantation and greenery; tended to and nurtured by our students.

Learning Hubs, Research Workshops and Makerspaces

With a focus on collaborative learning, communal workspaces and learning hubs become energetic places where students gather to exchange ideas, utilize technology and conduct research.

Our campus includes research workshops, comprising laboratories for Science and a mobile Food technology station that acts as a moveable core educational development space. Fairgreen’s laboratories also include makerspaces, equipped with 3D printers, software, electronics, craft and hardware supplies and tools, allowing students to create, invent and learn, engaging in the ‘Five E’s of Engineering’: Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, Evaluation.

The Arts

Music and Art rooms for academic and extracurricular arts are designed to celebrate student creativity, and serve students through galleries and performance spaces. Our multi-purpose hall will convert into a 440-seat auditorium furnished with light and sound equipment for theatrical performances.

Sustainable Education

Fairgreen’s campus is an integral part of The Sustainable City’s stimulating environment and is interconnected with its other components, making use of the city’s many unique facilities to provide students with hands-on learning experiences at the school’s doorstep.

The Fairgreen Health, Wellness and Learning Programme, makes use of one of the city’s spacious bio-domes and is dedicated to exploration and experimentation. Here students receive first-hand experience of cutting-edge 21st century indoor farming technologies which allow us to grow food throughout the year, protect crops from unpredictable weather, and even eliminate the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. The Centre’s farm-to-table approach will teach students about how food is grown and how to create healthy, nutritious meals using locally grown and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Students will also access the city’s two Innovation Centres and learn from leading global educators, scientists and researchers, once completed.