As a learning community, Fairgreen International School views instructional technology as a catalyst for innovation, community growth, learner empowerment and creative collaborations. Digital fluency for students is vital for success in the technology-rich environment of tomorrow’s universities and workplaces.


At Fairgreen, technology skill development begins in the early years. We follow a digital citizenship program that goes from KG2 to grade 12, implemented in each grade following a scope and sequence. Students learn how to code on a curriculum continuum from KG2 through grade 5, after which they begin to explore additional programming languages. Students learn to work with productivity tools such as G Suite for Education. Dynamic online classroom environments and robust cloud-based storage systems are all embedded in Fairgreen’s technology ecosystem.

Fairgreen has tablets available for students in Pre-KG - grade 2, and we require students in grades 3-12 to bring an iPad. Our integrated STEAM approach to learning also incorporates the use of engineering, design and robotics. Coding, an essential component of digital literacy, is offered to students, setting them on a trajectory that allows them to “think forward” to innovate, solve problems and bring their ideas to life.

Technology also plays a key role in teacher-parent communication, allowing parents to use our online portals to follow the progress of their child, promoting home-school partnerships that are crucial to every child’s academic success.

Fairgreen’s technology vision, in partnership with leadership, faculty, student and parent community, is committed to integrating emerging technology in all our curricula, to support student learning and ensuring that their skills keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology. Our campus is equipped with a dynamic, high-speed network for wireless, wired, voice and video communications. Our operational technology systems are kept running smoothly by an efficient technology team, who also provide a valuable helpdesk service for teachers and students. Students will also have access to a common learning area outfitted with educational research and reference facilities, and innovative and emerging technologies such as 3D printing, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

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