At Fairgreen, our counselling programme is designed to meet the developmental, emotional, social and academic needs of our students, and enables them to be successful in school and beyond.

We actively involve parents and teachers, working together as a team to help our students overcome any obstacles and be successful at navigating through school life at every stage from Elementary to High School. Counsellors work closely with teaching teams to identify any children who may need support, whether emotional, social, or academic. Our welcoming open-door policy encourages and welcomes students to approach counsellors on a confidential basis to address any issues they may be facing.

Our qualified and professional full-time counsellors have developed our counselling program, which supports our families with a range of services, such as:

  • Assisting new families in the “settling in” process in their new environment
  • Designing and implementing an orientation programme that provides guidance of the expectations of Fairgreen’s IB curriculum and its unique focus on sustainability
  • Implementation of student wellbeing programmes, including Jigsaw for PYP and DREAMS for MYP
  • Communicating and working closely with parents regarding the school counselling program
  • Coaching and providing professional development for teachers regarding behavioural and classroom management strategies
  • Maintaining active involvement with students through classroom visits, presentation of lessons, participating in student activities and having a visible presence during breaks and lunchtimes
  • Working with student groups regarding social or health programmes and issues
  • Providing input on students requiring special assistance classes
  • Collaborating with the admissions staff and principals in the area of student admissions and classroom placement
  • Assisting principals in developing and sustaining a positive school climate and programme
  • Maintaining confidentiality in all matters pertaining to student and staff counselling issues
  • Coordinating activities required for the administration of the schools standardized testing programme
  • Providing analysis, feedback and summary of school standardised testing results

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