International Baccalaureate

'The IB diploma opened up the world to my daughter and her scores gave her a wide range of majors to choose from. She makes us proud every passing day and we are thankful for her support system at school'. ~ Zhara Khatib, Parent of an Esol Graduate

IB World Schools have a shared mission to offer the best possible international education for students aged 3-19 years, combined with an emphasis on human values. Introduced nearly fifty years ago, IB programs are now taught in more than 4,000 schools globally. All programs encourage academic rigor, deep inquiry and persistent curiosity, developing children into young adults who are caring, courageous risk takers and critical thinkers. An IB education inspires young people to become lifelong learners, using their energy, conviction and positivity to engage with increasingly complex and interconnected global challenges.

'Taking IB was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. IB has made me think completely differently about the world - I link everything together like a big spider web, finding connections between topics where I thought there were none. I see the world through different eyes'. ~ Samantha Galea, Esol Graduate

All IB programs are driven by a commitment to multilingualism and international mindedness, and positive action through service in the local community and beyond. Students learn that each one of us is responsible for the rest of us, and this understanding is a necessary basis for progress toward a more just and peaceful world.

The IB Programs

• Encourages the curiosity inherent in every child

• Develops a love of learning and a hunger for knowledge and understanding

• Fosters open and enlightened minds

• Offers a truly holistic approach to education

• Provides the best educational preparation for students who seek to continue their education in colleges and universities around the world.

Fairgreen will work through the application phase for PYP and MYP candidacy in the pre-operational year and will be ready to deliver both programmes in September 2018.

Fairgreen will pursue candidacy for the IB Careers Program and the IB Diploma Program two years prior to the first cohort of these students entering Grade 11.

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