Sustainability and the IB

Fairgreen’s school culture, rooted in the fundamental concepts of urban, economic and environmental sustainability, and a community understanding of sustainable living, will inspire students to be innovative citizens, in harmony with the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate (IB).

From the Early Years all the way to High School, the values of sustainability weave across the IB Programme through several trans-disciplinary themes and global contexts.

One of the essential expectations of the programme is that students understand and can demonstrate what it means to be internationally-minded, responsible and ethical citizens.

In the Primary Years program, students investigate units such as How the World Works and Sharing the Planet. In the Middle Years Program, the concepts of Scientific and Technical Innovation and Globalization and Sustainability are explored.

In IB Diploma courses such as Environmental Systems, Geography, Information Technology in a Globalized Society and the Theory of Knowledge, students examine a range of issues of global significance such as:

  • Sustainability
  • The effects of pollution on resources and humanity
  • The effects of population migration
  • The importance of biodiversity
  • The ethics of technology use and
  • Medical techniques that question the nature of living things and what is the definition of “life”

Seated at The Sustainable City, Fairgreen’s learning facilities include the city’s dedicated bio-dome and its two Innovation Centre's dedicated to sustainability-related research and post-secondary education. Fairgreen’s students will have the exceptional privilege to access the world’s foremost centre of sustainability research, technological advances and innovations.

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