Week Without Walls

Immersed in Experiential Learning!

Starting Grade 6, students have the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom in an exciting experience that is part adventure, part education. These amazing outside-the-classroom experiences take place as part of our Week Without Walls programme. Students spread their wings beyond the confines of the school to have a new and exciting experience with their peers.

A Week Without Walls gives our students real opportunities to build strong and positive friendships and helps them to develop team-building and leadership skills. They travel to locations outside the school, experience unfamiliar cultures, and participate in activity-based learning that includes community service. Students develop lifelong skills on these mini-adventures. They become more confident, resourceful, creative, caring, responsible and thoughtful members of the international community, prepared to contribute in meaningful ways toward improving society, both locally and internationally. With the support of each other, students and teachers go beyond the walls of school to learn, grow and serve together.

Grade 5 students rock climbing in Ras Al Khaimah.

As a reminder, the purpose of the Week Without Wall is to provide students opportunities to develop into more caring and responsible members of the local and global community. While going on trips with friends is exciting, our goal is to help students reach the following learning outcomes as they progress throughout Secondary School: 

  • Become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth

  • Undertake challenges that develop new skills

  • Discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities

  • Persevere in action

  • Work collaboratively with others

  • Develop international-mindedness, through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding

  • Consider the ethical implications of your actions

Student numbers for each trip are determined to ensure the health, well-being and quality of the overall experience for all. Please kindly note that we cannot guarantee that all students will be able to attend their preferred choice. We understand that this might be disappointing for some, but if your student doesn’t get their preferred choice, view it as a chance to foster resilience and adaptability.

Additionally, as a school, we annually create a comprehensive programme for students who choose to stay on campus. This will include local field trips and service opportunities, aimed at achieving the same learning outcomes. A detailed Week Without Walls On-Campus Programme will be shared in January, 2024 with participating students.


Registration of Interest September 14-21


Register your Student’s interest using this link below by September 21.

Trip Placement Confirmation September 25


In cases where we have more student interest than available spots for a trip, we will work through an appropriate selection process. On September 25th, parents will receive either a confirmation of their student's placement on a trip, along with the registration and deposit link, or notification that their student has been placed on a waitlist.


Registration and Deposit Deadline September 30


To secure your student’s spot on the trip, registration and deposits must be submitted by September 30. If students do not complete this step, students on the waitlist will be offered a place. Additionally, waitlisted students will also be offered a place on trips that still have available spots. 


Final Payment December 4 


The final trip cost will be determined by the providers based on flight prices. Payment in full is due by December 4, 2023. 

Kenya Conservation, Sustainability & Local Culture

This immersive journey, brought to you by Kapes in collaboration with Mountain Quests, transports students to the heart of Kenya for an unforgettable adventure. The program extends far beyond a typical African tour, providing an in-depth understanding of wildlife conservation, sustainability, and local culture. This journey isn't merely about the imprint your children can leave on Africa; rather, it's about the profound impact Africa's vibrant activities and people will leave on students. Join us and let this remarkable journey shape the leaders of tomorrow. This trip will run for 8 days, from February 2nd-9th, 2023. Please contact Matthew Farr from Mountain Quest for any specific questions relating to the trip:

  • Grades: 9-12

  • Location: Camp Kapes, Kenya 

  • Price of Camp: AED 8,100 Price (including on-the-ground transport, accommodation, food, activities, and insurance ).

  • Expected price of flights: AED 2,400 (to be booked by the provider)

  • Total expected price: AED 10,500

  • Deposit: AED 3,500

  • Provider: Wild Life Works and Mountain Quest

  • Capacity: 25 students

Kenya Conversation 2
Kenya Conversation 1
Baby elephant and mother

Grade 12 Senior Trip To Milan, Italy

The perfect (almost) end of school for our Grade 12 students. A chance to explore the unique and sustainable city of Milan with their school friends, before they set off on their own independent adventures. This 5 days experiential camp in Milan's Fashion District will include innovation, culture, fashion and sustainability. Workshops will be provided by SUMAS University as well as trips to museums, theatres, and restaurants.

  • Grade 12 only

  • Location: Milan, Italy

  • Expected Total Price: 10,000 AED (flights, accommodation, ground arrangements)

  • Deposit: 3000 AED

  • Provider of ground arrangements: SUMAS

  • Capacity: 15 students


Sri Lanka Southern Adventure Program

EcoVenture’s Sri Lanka program has adventure at its heart and is packed with stimulating learning opportunities. Adventurers will be immersed in Sri Lankan culture and embark on activities like surfing, snorkeling, and jungle hikes. Students will also have the opportunity to volunteer on a service project at a local turtle sanctuary. This program is designed to empower students and curate a safe environment which pushes students out of their comfort zone. With days packed to the brim with activities and evening activities to reflect and develop deep friendships, we know your child will depart with memories to last a lifetime.Please contact Claire Sanders from EcoVenture for any specific questions relating to the trip:

  • Grades: 7-12

  • Location: Galle, Sri Lanka 

  • Price of Camp: AED 4250.00 (including on-the-ground transport, accommodation, food, activities, and insurance)

  • Expected price of flights: AED 2,000 (to be booked by the provider)

  • Total expected price: AED 6,450

  • Deposit: 2,500 AED paid at the time of registration 

  • Provider: EcoVenture

  • Capacity: 30 students

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka 2

Azerbaijan Ski Trip

Eco Venture’s Azerbaijan Ski Trip will take students to the high-altitude resort of Shahdag. The base is the Zirve Hotel, a ski-in ski-out hotel situated on the slopes. During the trip, students will have immediate access to the Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort, the first and largest winter resort in Azerbaijan. Morning and afternoon lessons are followed by evening activities which provide a range of opportunities to make new friends. This trip offers a wonderful balance between impressive slopes and an exciting social program. Please contact Claire Sanders from EcoVenture for any specific questions relating to the trip:

  • Grades: 7-12

  • Location: Shahdag, Azerbaijan 

  • Price for 4 nights/5 days (3 days skiing): AED 5250 (including on-the-ground transport, accommodation, food, ski instruction, ski equipment, ski passes, etc.)

  • Expected Price of Flights: AED 1,500 (to be booked by the provider)

  • Total expected price: AED 6,750

  • Deposit: 2,500 AED paid at the time of registration 

  • Provider: EcoVenture

  • Capacity: 25 students


Fujairah Scuba Diving and Coral Reef Conservation

Fujairah Scuba Diving and Coral Reef Conservation Diver’s Down Under students from G7-12 can also choose this local, overnight option in which they can earn their beginner or advanced PADI certificate or even just enjoy some fun diving, if already certified. Students will spend 5 days / 4 nights in Fujairah with unlimited dives.The diving center is on the beach itself, so students will be able to enjoy diving from day n.1 alternating some pool training with open water dives from the boat. There will also be a dive against debris event where students will participate in an underwater clean up. Please contact Michela Colella for any specific questions relating to the trip:

  • Grades: 7-12

  • Location: Fujairah, UAE

  • Price: (including transportation, hotel, full board, training, equipment and diving insurance)

  • AED 5250: Open Water diver course 

  • AED 5100: Advanced Open Water diver course

  • AED 4800: Pleasure dives for already certified divers (8 dives package)

  • Deposit: 2,500 AED paid at the time of registration 

  • Provider: Divers Down Under 

  • Capacity: 20 students


Al Mazra’a Outdoor Education Program

Our Grade 6 students have the opportunity to attend EcoVenture’s 4-day outdoor education program, offering students a fun and exciting learning experience outside the classroom that will not only help students develop personal skills but will also benefit their classroom work. Activities include Canoeing, Open Top Kayaking, Raft Building, Problem-Solving, Buggy Building, Orienteering, Leap of Faith, Archery, Animal Encounters, Sensory Trail, Climbing Wall, Jacob's Ladder, Pioneering Battle (aka catapults). This trip will run from February 5th-8th, 2023Please contact Bradley Clark from EcoVenture for any specific questions relating to the trip: 

  • Grades: 6

  • Location: Al Sayh, Ras Al Khaimah 

  • Price: AED 2195 (including transport, accommodation, food, activities, insurance, VAT)

  • Provider: EcoVenture

  • Capacity: 60 students 

  • Registration and payment in full to be paid by December 4th by visiting


Al Mazra'a
Al Mazra'a