Fine Arts

The Fairgreen Fine Arts program is designed to encourage visual artistic expression through a variety of media such as sketching, painting, printmaking, design and crafts, where students are encouraged to reflect their individual experiences, yielding a powerful worldview of young students today.

Led by our talented arts educators, our visual arts program begins in Elementary School where young students are exposed to a variety of media, and can develop and hone their skills over the course of their journey through to High School.

Supportive classroom environments nurture problem-solving and encourage a willingness to take risks. Increasingly complex projects requiring more sophisticated skills satisfy students’ evolving sense of competence as they mature. Through investigations of personal narratives and the study of art from diverse times and cultures, students have their own stories validated, hear the varied voices of their classmates and begin to imagine the world from new points of view. Together, these classes give students opportunities to express themselves in their own unique voices and aim to inspire a lifelong love of the arts.

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A painting middle schooler

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