Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts programme at Fairgreen allows students to immerse themselves in the world of performance arts. We encourage students to explore Dance, Drama and Music in afterschool programmes.

For those students that have a talent for playing a musical instrument, our music department at Fairgreen will help them attain proficiency from beginner to advanced levels. Apart from studying music as part of our curriculum students can also diversify their out of school lessons by learning how to play a range of musical instruments, participating in Band and Choir, led by trained, talented artists and musicians.

Drama is recognized as a subject that benefits the overall learning and development of children. There are three main strands to the effective use of drama: a means to build children’s confidence and develop their social skills; a teaching approach for exploring cross-curricular subjects and issues, and an aid in developing children’s performance and self-presentation skills.

Like its sister schools in the Esol Education family, Theatre is a dynamic and thriving part of school life here at Fairgreen, with performances and events that showcase the work of our passionate and gifted students. The school community will present several musicals each year, widely attended by staff, parents, friends and family.

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