The Phoenix News


Join us in celebrating the launch of our school’s first newspaper, ‘The Phoenix News’. This platform allows our students to share their ideas, opinions, and experiences, giving them a voice in the school community and an opportunity to discuss matters that are important to them and the world.

Our dedicated team of budding journalists has worked hard over the last 8 weeks to produce the first issue in our journey of making the news. They have been ideating, writing articles, interviewing, photographing, reviewing, and editing their work while staying curious about the 5Ws: Why, Who, When, Where, and What in their reports. Students can read the newspaper in the library or access it online

Following our first publication, we plan to become bigger and better next year. Any student at our school can become a part of The Phoenix News. Students can join the team by submitting an online application form or sharing their contributions at More details are available on page 8 of the newspaper.

We look forward to successful years ahead of printing and keeping you informed about what’s happening around you!

Enjoy reading!

Arush Hashmi

Editor - The Phoenix News


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