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At Fairgreen International School in Dubai, our educators integrate both passion and talent to inspire our students. Every day students are welcomed into a happy, diverse classroom; supporting academic achievement in everything they do.

From Pre-KG to Grade 12, Fairgreen students learn how to communicate, collaborate and create a community of friends within and across the divisions of our school. From early childhood and elementary to Middle and High School, Fairgreen has a one-family feeling. Through an enriched student life, our students meet and make new friends from all over the world, and each learner is recognized as an individual.

Life at Fairgreen is diverse and engaging, where every day students come to understand and prepare for the real world, and how they can play an active part as engaged global citizens.

Students’ opinions are valued here, and strong community bonds give them a safe space to voice their thoughts, engage in one-to-one discussions, gain insights into their own identities, allowing for social, emotional and personal growth.

Teachers here utilise the latest and most effective teaching methods, advocating the responsible use of technology while inspiring curious inquiry. Our sustainable way of learning ensures students understand and demonstrate values of international mindedness, mutual respect, civic responsibility and global citizenship. Student voice is at the centre of our community, inspiring a hunger for learning and a lifelong commitment to social responsibility.

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Portrait of Ms. Malak Bidair, Fairgreen's Admissions Director

Malak Bidair
Admissions Director

Questions about admissions?
Our Admissions Director can assist you with the application process, or answer any questions that you may have about our curriculum, school fees, transport or uniform. As an Esol Education alumni, she can also answer any questions that you may have about Esol, and their dedication to lifelong learning.