A Virtual Visit

You can visit Fairgreen from the comfort of your home. Learn about Fairgreen's vision and mission for our students and capture the spirit of our school by taking a virtual tour through the dreams of our students with an overview by Fairgreen Director Graeme Scott in our highlights video "How Can We Change the World".

How Can We Change the World

Fairgreen students share their dreams of making a difference in the world we live in. Our Director Graeme Scott shares how Fairgreen inspires and prepares our students to be the changemakers of tomorrow.


We are one of the few true community schools in Dubai, located in The Sustainablity City, voted for three year's in a row 'Happiest Community in Dubai'. Many of our students walk or bicycle to school where they enjoy the peaceful scenery and landscape surrounding our campus, including an animal sancturary, beautiful biodomes, an equestrian center, a small creek and natural gardens.


The Fairgreen Million Solar Stars event is one of the many highlights of our school year. In keeping with our mission to develop students' passion for sustainability, the MSS programme challenges students to design and build their own solar-powered cars and boats that they race at the MSS Challenge each year.

In addition to the exciting races, students perform songs and poetry and present beautiful edible art with vegetables they grow themselves at Fairgreen. We also feature solar exhibitions from our partners in the solar industry. At our event in February 2020, we hosted many special guests including HH The Green Shiekh, two representatives from The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Influencer Khalid Alameri, and Mountaineer Dolores Shelleh.

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