The Fairgreen school community is committed to creating a vibrant and happy school that cultivates imagination, inspires achievement and enables students to feel connected and flourish as individuals, celebrated for their unique perspectives.

We know that our students’ success lies in strong home-school partnerships with parents, teachers and school leaders working closely together. We maintain an open stream of communication using school blogs, newsletters, social media, and emails.

Languages, arts and science, family values and our diverse cultures inspire our school-wide events and activities, adding joy, variety and colour to our school days at Fairgreen!

Our diverse, multicultural community celebrates a range of seasonal holidays and promotes the rich culture of our host country through commemoration of Emirati traditions and Islamic holidays. International Day is an important event where the entire school community gets together to celebrate its diversity. Visiting speakers, experts, and sports and cultural heroes open new horizons for our students, while special days such as World Book Day, International Day of Peace and International Day of Happiness are much-loved occasions, where students and teachers get into character or just express their school spirit!

Being truly green at heart, days such as Earth Day, International Day of Oceans, Climate Action Days and initiatives such as Earth Hour are important occasions where our school connects with movements in the international community and students learn about sustainability issues through in-class activities.

We look forward to working together with you to create a caring and inclusive school that values every individual. As an international school, where students hail from diverse backgrounds, we are dedicated to creating meaningful, respectful relationships, honoring our rich collective cultural heritage, and playing our part in helping our students become global citizens.

We welcome and value your participation and look forward to welcoming you at Fairgreen very soon!

360° Virtual Tour

Our purposefully-built campus was designed for minimal environmental impact and includes technology-enabled classrooms, state-of-the-art science labs and maker spaces, including a workshop, urban farming room, art studio and gallery, music and practice rooms, and a rooftop garden.