Canteen Service

About Our Canteen Partner, Master Catering:

We are excited to announce that after careful consideration, parent & student feedback, and tasting sessions with our parent focus group, we have selected Master Catering as our new canteen provider starting from the Academic Year 2024-2025. This partnership aligns perfectly with Fairgreen’s ethos and commitment to providing high-quality, nutritious and sustainable food services for our students. We are also happy to share that our sister Esol Education School - Dunecrest American School - has already been working with Master Catering and their positive experience provided us with additional confidence in our choice.

Master Catering is renowned for creating healthy and delicious meals tailored to the needs and preferences of students, ensuring they receive nourishing meals throughout their school day. The company holds both local and international Health and Safety accreditations, including ISO and HACCP, which demonstrates their dedication to industry best practices.

We are pleased to introduce you to Omar Al Haj and Narmeen Zangana, founders of Master Catering, and Nagie Dawouk, the nutritionist. With an unwavering focus on freshness, taste, and nutrition, they strive to enhance the overall dining experience for students while promoting their wellbeing and independence.

While a detailed step-by-step guide on sign up process will be shared in August, here are the top five exciting things you need to know about Master Catering:

  1. Variety of Healthy Meals: Students will have access to a wide variety of cost-effective healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals without compromising on quality. There will be no more ‘classic’ meal plans (except for customised ones by parents for our youngest EYP students) introducing a buffet-style service instead , allowing students to choose independently from a four-week rotating menu while parents can rest assured about their healthy choices. 

  2. Hot & Cold Breakfast Menus: We are introducing breakfast menus featuring omelettes, fruits & veggies, freshly baked goods (on campus!), and a coffee corner for parents and staff.

  3. Enhanced Options for Secondary Students: There will be lots of options for secondary students, along with improved setup and seating areas.

  4. Commitment to Sustainability: Sustainability and environmental responsibility are the core elements of our partnership. From non-plastic packaging sourced from to minimising food waste by allowing students to choose their meals and customising their portions, Master Catering is making a positive impact on the planet. 

  5. Share your suggestions!: Do you or your children have any cravings or specific preferences? Let us know! Please fill out this form to share your suggestions as well as any special dietary requirements so we can take them into consideration. On a regular basis, students and parents will be encouraged to share their feedback and suggest menu items.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, there will be a food tasting session for Fairgreen students and parents during the week of September 2, 2024. More details will be shared closer to the date.