Lunch Service

About Our Lunch Provider, SwissCanonica:

At Fairgreen, we offer a convenient lunch service for your children through our official partner, Swiss Canonica. To ensure your child(ren) can enjoy nutritious meals at school, you can easily sign up for the monthly or yearly lunch service. For comprehensive information about Swiss Canonica, including monthly menus.

Last year, there were focus group sessions organised in collaboration with SwissCanonica. These sessions were aimed at addressing the valuable comments and suggestions provided by our parent community, with a focus on enhancing our lunch service. We are delighted to confirm that the team has diligently reviewed all the feedback and implemented a number of enhancements, ranging from meal variety to an expanded support team, and the implementation of bio-degradable packaging. For further insights, please check SwissCanonica Updates by clicking the button below.

Please click here for registration instructions for the Spare App to make lunchtime a delicious and hassle-free experience for your child(ren).

If you have any questions or feedback regarding SwissCanonica catering at Fairgreen International School, please email on .