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In today's digital age, ensuring internet safety is paramount, especially for our children. At Fairgreen, we understand the crucial role that the internet plays in education and daily life. However, with increased online activities, it's essential to be vigilant about safeguarding our children's online experiences. Internet safety is not just about protecting personal information; it also encompasses critical skills like recognizing cyberbullying, identifying online scams, and promoting responsible digital citizenship. By fostering a culture of internet safety through online safety lessons run at school, guest speakers, assemblies, and our annual celebration of Internet Safety Day, we empower our students to explore the vast online world safely. This page has been created to help us equip parents with the knowledge and resources they need to guide their children through this digital landscape at home. Together, we can create a safer, more secure online environment for our school community.

The National College

To ensure that our school community has access to up-to-date and reliable guidance on internet safety, we rely on The National College, formerly National Online Safety, as a trusted source of information. The National College is known for its commitment to providing accurate, evidence-based data and resources, making it an invaluable partner in our efforts to promote internet safety. By utilizing their expertise, we can stay current with the latest trends and best practices in online safety, ensuring that our students and parents have the most reliable guidance available.

What Parents Need to Know About....

The National College release regular infographics for parents relating to all areas of online safety. They offer invaluable information about different online platforms that your child may be using that will help you make decisions around if and how your child should be interacting with a platform. 

Check out the What Parents & Carers Need to Know... folder for a full range of infographics. This will be updated as new information comes out about different platforms.

Latest 'What Parents & Carers Need to Know' Infographics

Online Safety News

🎙️ Podcast Episode 🎙️

In the latest episode from the Safeguarding Hub podcast, Danielle and Natalie are discussing how a popular YouTube content creator was the face of an extremely convincing Deepfake scam on TikTok.

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Other Online Safety Resources

Over the past few years, we have been collecting resources that may be helpful in guiding parents to approach the topic of online safety with their children. Take some time to browse the resources on the attached Padlet.