We are Social

From academic successes, sustainable eco-projects, and performing art concerts to team sports, exhibitions and service projects; every inspiring story, every green scheme, every triumph where a member of our community thrives; we celebrate it all on our social media channels.

Below we have linked our Facebook page and YouTube channel to keep up with us in real time. We share much of our school life on our social media channels so that our parents and community know what's happening at Fairgreen as it's happening! You can get news updates straight to your phone by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and by subscribing to our YouTube channel!  Find us @fairgreendubai

Performing at a concert in Dubai? Running a cool project? Are you a Fairgreen parent getting involved with an initiative at school? We’d love to share it all! Please do get in touch with us at:



Million Solar Stars!

Fairgreen Choir Performs at Choirfest Middle East 2020

How Can We Change the World!

At Fairgreen International School, we guide our students toward thinking about how they can help change the world. Our students are the future changemakers and ambassadors of sustainability in all its forms.