Lunch Menu

SwissCanonica offers a nutritious and balanced menu that is designed to fuel and satisfy young children throughout the school day. Each meal consists of a vegetable starter, protein based main course with a side dish, and finished with a healthy dessert.  The food looks appealing – freshly cooked, home style meals designed for children; it is the right combination of healthy and delicious. Meals are freshly cooked every day and delivered to the school to be served hot for the students.

Please click on the link below to access the current lunch menu:

May 2021 Lunch Menu

June 2021 Lunch Menu

Cost for Lunch Service

SwissCanonica offers term lunch package, full month lunch packages, as well as daily lunch options for parents that would like to order hot meals only on certain days.  Each meal includes starter, main course, side dish and dessert. Purchase options are as follows:

  • Entire Term: If you sign up for the entire term, a 5% discount will apply (inquire for exact price via email to
  • Daily Vouchers: If you purchase a voucher booklet, the price of daily meal is 23 AED.  There are 20 vouchers in a booklet – price of the booklet 460 AED. If you do the vouchers you do not need to pre-order, just give a voucher to the student on the day of the lunch. You can order the voucher booklet via email and it will be delivered in the classroom after receiving proof of payment for the voucher booklet. MYP students may purchase the voucher booklet directly in the canteen.
  • Per Entire Month: If you sign up for service for one entire month, the price of each daily meal is 20 AED (pricing will fluctuate considering holidays, etc). You will receive an email in advance notifying you of sign up for each upcoming month. Deadline:  You must sign up by the deadline given in this email in order to pre-purchase for the month ahead.  

Covid-19 updated for the school canteen:
SwissCanonica would like to assure all the parents that KHDA health and safety protocols will be followed in all the points to guarantee optimal health and safety of all students and staff. All our meals will be freshly cooked in our central kitchen and delivered in the disposable containers to the students, this will be the temporary solution due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Swisscanonica is also implementing additional hygiene and preventive measures for the health and safety of all the students and employees.

If you need to contact SwissCanonica with any questions, write them directly at